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PRO4000XLS Manual
PRO4200XLS Manual
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The installation manuals and brochures are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to view and print PDF files.

Please note that when viewing a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, the page numbers on screen will not correspond with the manual's index.The page numbers that correspond with the index will be visible when the manual is printed out.








This swing gate operator can be used on gates up to 20' wide and 1000 lbs. It is one of the easiest gate openers to install because it is a low voltage system. That means it does not usually require installation by an electrician. It uses a 12-volt battery to power the gate and a transformer that plugs into a regular 115 VAC outlet to provide a slow trickle charge to the battery. This enables the operator to work a number of times should your main power go out. It also can be solar powered to recharge the battery. The all black "shadow" is designed to compliment an ornamental gate. Please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for more information.

The PRO4000XLS combined with the slave unit PRO4200XLS can handle double swing gates. The control box on the PRO4000XLS operates both units.

The installation manual is very well documented with detailed drawings and text. We have sold hundreds of GTO operator products every year and we are impressed with its ease of installation and lack of callbacks from our do-it-yourself customers. We offer telephone support to help you choose the appropriate operator and during your installation.

The PRO4000XLS works with all the optional GTO accessories as well as other manufacturer's low-voltage accessories, which simply plug into the control box for an easy installation. No extra terminal strips or transformers are required for the GTO brand accessories. Some compatible devices that we sell may require additional wiring or power requirements, such as the DoorKing™ telephone Intercom system.

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