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Fences Used In Historical Restorations
Do It Yourself

Can vinyl fence be used for historical restorations?

That is clearly outside my area of expertise. Local historical organizations would be the people to ask.

There are federal guidelines managed by the Federal Department Of The Interior. Those who apply for and meet the approval of this department can qualify for tax abatements or income tax credits. I got this information second hand, so take it with a grain of salt.

I am told that under these federal guidelines, you can install any material that looks like the original. An original wood fence could be replaced with a vinyl fence that looks exactly like the original. That's my understanding. Since all restorations must be preapproved, you will find out when applying though the fed.

Give them a call. Phone numbers as of this date: 605-373-6056 or 605-373-6005.

Author: Frank R. Hoover, Hoover Fence Co.
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