I am terracing a chain link fence between two terminal posts,  distance between the two posts is 11',  slope is about 25 degrees,  when I tighten fence fabric the top of fabric remains loose,  what can I do to tighten top of fabric.  I am using fence puller.


First of all make sure you put a line post in an 11' stretch. The maximum post spacing should be 10'. This will help your cause also on a grade. Make sure the line post is left taller than normal. Measure posts on grades from a right angle to the ground, not along the vertical length of the post to determine how far the post sticks out of the ground. If you don't, your post will be too short. See the illustration below.

Stretching chain link on a grade requires a bias cut on one or both ends where it connects to the terminal posts (end or corner post). The problem you are having is that the chain link fabric has a square end and you are attempting to hook it up to an angle. This will leave the top or bottom loose, if you do not cut the chain link at a matching angle.

You can visualize the problem, if you temporarily tie the chain link fabric top to the top rail so it is parallel to the top rail. Then hand pull it past the terminal post. You will see the amount of chain link that goes past the terminal post. That excess must be cut off.

To figure how and where to cut it is done like this. Count the number of weaves that go past the post. Count the number of vertical diamonds in the fabric. Divide the vertical diamond count by the weaves that must be removed. The idea is to cut each weave evenly spaced along the entire height. It doesn't have to be exact, but fairly close.

When cutting the weaves, cut halfway in the diamond so half of the diamond remains. In other words, don't cut too close to any weave bend. Nothing needs to be done with the remaining cut-off. You can bend them over like the knuckled-ends at the top and bottom, but it is not necessary.

As is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a crude one. Time does not allow me to get fancy.

Frank R. Hoover
Hoover Fence Co.
Sept. 8, 1999
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