Example Drawings - Some good, some bad

Good Examples

Score: A-
This person drew a decent plan. He started from the lower side and worked his way around sequentially. I imagine his house is in the opening. Notice it is not to scale. That is not important, as long as the footages are correct.

Score: B+
This person drew a complete enclosure. Although a bit odd shaped, it might be exactly what he needs around his pool to miss the pump house. It could even be his version of a 3-D drawing. As long as he got his measurements correct and the approximate angles at the corners, his quote will be accurate. Notice he ended up exactly where he started. If you do that the program will know your intention and switch the starting end post to a corner post.

Score: B+
This person apparently just wanted a price for a gate and the two gate posts. His large gate is fine and his quote will be accurate.

Score: A+
This fellow did a good job on his drawing. He inserted his house. He drew his building first before starting with any other tool. You can not add them later. He drew reasonably close to scale. His quote will be correct. I gave him an A+ because the drawing was mine. It's one of the few perks for being the guy that does the programming.

Score: A+
D- for the programmer

This person was very good for a first timer. He drew the entire outside perimeter and moved the cursor to the all ready drawn post to add the last gate where the cursor is. His quote will be accurate except for the programmer's error in not allowing the use of a line post as a gate post also. This quote was one post too high in price. This actually is a special application. The line post at the "5SS" (5' single swing gate), has to serve as a line post and a gate post. This is not a standard post. It would have to be ordered special. The quote figured two gate blank posts instead of one, but the fence could be constructed that way without ordering the special post. So while I am being rather harsh on the programmer (namely me), he is right in assuming the worst case scenerio.
Bad Examples

Score: C+
Although the scale is way off, the two lines of 50' each will be figured correctly and his quote will be correct. It is just hard to read and no one can be that far off judging scale, so points were deducted.

Score: D+
This guy was doing fine and at a glance the drawing looks good, but his quote was off by a couple of hundred dollars (high). Instead of sequentially drawing the gates, he drew the perimeter of his fence and went back and added the gates. The calculator figured a fence line through the gate and added the gates as extras, instead of deducting for the gates.

Although his quote was wrong, I didn't have the heart to flunk him, because he bought the fence and he was the first one to do so after using our calculator. Of course we adjusted the price properly to his favor. (grin). Notice the drawing was too far to the right and it missed the last digit after 6. We would know that though because we got to see the text version of what he did in our office.

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