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Aiphone LEM-1DLS
low voltage intercom system
  • lem1dls_small.jpg (1613 bytes)Click thumbnail for more detail
  • extremely convenient
  • Volume Control
  • operates as intercom and door/gate release
  • suitable for small offices, retailers, residential
  • talk button AND tone-call
  • desktop or wall mountable
  • kit contains: 1-call master with DOOR/GATE RELEASE button, door/gate station w/plastic cover, AC transformer
  • complete with instructions and wiring manual
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • can be used in conjunction with our line of GTO/PRO automatic gate openers for easy opening of gates.
    This unit is NOT wireless.  We do carry a GTO wireless intercom, you can find it here.
What is included?
  • Master Control Box - this is the unit that controls the system. It has 3 functions. It can be used to TALK with the slave unit, CALL the slave unit or SEND a signal to an opener to open a lock, or gate opener that will release a door or gate.

  • Slave/Door Release Box - this is the piece that is mounted close to the door or gate. It has one button that can buzz the Master Control Box. This is the unit that a visitor will use to communicate with you from the gate or door.

  • Transformer which supplies power to the Master Control Box

How does the system work???

Imagine this:

You are relaxing in your home or office. Your driveway or entrance door is not easily accessible by sight. In fact, someone could be outside waiting for you to let them in right now.

That is where we come in.

We now offer an inexpensive line of dependable Intercoms and Automatic Gate Openers. With an Intercom/Door Release like MODEL LEM-1DL, a visitor can simply buzz you, letting you know they are outside waiting for you to open the door or gate. In order to find out who it is, you simply press the button marked TALK and it opens a line between you and your visitor. And, equipped with an automatic gate opener like the GTO/PRO you simply press the door release button on your intercom and the gate swings effortlessly allowing your visitor entrance.


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